MissionConnect™ is a comprehensive database management software package for United Methodist Conferences. MissionConnect contains all of the functions our customers have come to expect from Great Spirit Systems over the past 23 years, and offers expanded functionality with the added ease and convenience of Internet access and cloud based data storage.

MissionConnect: Main provides secure access to all MissionConnect applications through login and permissions based data access assigned to each user.

MissionConnect: Center supports the maintenance of professional clergy data and records, laity records, conference and district committees and other groups, local church leadership and a host of functions dependent upon the accurate maintenance of this data.

MissionConnect: Communicate provides users with the ability to target specific groups of people for mailings and email communications, based upon leadership positions, geographic areas, churches, demographic and many other criteria. Bulk email communications can be generated, mailing labels and envelopes can be printed and spreadsheets along with combination output can be created.

MissionConnect: Report is an online report application designed to provide users the ability to either view or print specially formatted reports from all areas of the database. Report data can also be exported to spreadsheets.

MissionConnect: Give is an application that provides functions for managing church apportionments, funds, and projects with billing and receiving processing. Exports and uploads a report file to the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM).

MissionConnect: Lead provides cabinet decision support through compiling data from all clergy for easy cabinet viewing and access. Customized profile and assessment tools for the charges, churches and pastors may be created for your conference.

MissionConnect: Protect is a comprehensive mechanism for training and screening volunteers and staff desiring to work with children, youth and vulnerable adults in the Conference, organization, or local church. Protect tracks these individuals through Safe Sanctuaries or programs of a similar nature, with cumulative records of references, background screens, and secure confidential notes for current and past certifications.

MissionConnect: Benefits provides benefits management and billing options for participants of CRSP/CPP, medical insurance, life insurance, flexible benefits, UMPIP, vision insurance, dental insurance, H.S.A., Medicare Part D and other benefits as required by the customer.

MissionConnect: SignUp is a comprehensive Registration application with tools for creating and deploying quick events for online registration to events with extensive information gathering as is often the case with Annual Conference Registrations. Secure Payments can be made through Vanco services online, Vouchers, or a promised Check payment for one Registration, or multiple registrations using a cart format. Limits can be set on number of attendees, gender, age, etc., and wait-listing is automatically handled through the system. Accounting needs are also handled with a Receivables module for invoiced charges and payments received tracked through batches with reporting built in.

MissionConnect: Statistics offers local church statistical reports through a flexible design to coincide with conference forms.

MissionConnect: AdminTools provides MissionConnect Administrators the ability to assign and manage user access to applications, forms and specific data, including both read-only and read-write access or no access. It also provides password management.

MC: Web Applications

Local Church Leaders
MissionConnect: Local Church Leaders provides the ability for churches to update their own leadership records through a web based application.

Ministry Financials
MissionConnect: Ministry Financials is a web application for churches to login and view their apportionments or tithe amounts, and special giving, as well as their benefits billing and payments. Churches can make online ACH payments on all of these items, with payments processed by Vanco services. Remittances can handle either traditional apportionments, or a tithe (income based) model with the ability for the church to enter and calculate their income and tithe amount.

Coming Soon!
MissionConnect: WebApps for mobile! Many of our frequently used applications and tools are now being written for use “on the go.” Watch for release of these products coming soon!